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Designing Feeling Through Light

Updated: May 6, 2021

Working with clients like Churches, Cathedrals, Schools & Offices give us a chance to provide more than a functional solution, but an inspiring experience. Light is like tone, it sets the feeling of a conversation.

Commercial Lighting for Restaurants and Lobbies

The Everyday Experience Should Be Celebrated

Everyday experiences tend to define most of our life: riding an escalator down to the train station, walking through the door of a restaurant, sitting in the pew of a church. We think this is where lighting is the most important. We work create solutions for city infrastructure, private practices, to intimate public spaces -- because every experience should be well defined, well tended, and well lit.

A Dynamic Backdrop

Flexible, functional & affordable: everything you can want to inspire a committed community, on a regular basis. From educational to worship spaces, LEDs offer a unique backdrop that is programmable & perfect for every occasion.


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