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Our services are intentionally made for Architects, Designers, Developers, General Contractors & Business Owners. We specialize in collaboration, helping you hone in on the products that will bring your ideas to light.

Our team delivers lighting solutions to clients across the U.S.A. through lighting specs, plans, delivery & installation. Focusing on long-lasting products & renewable energy, our company provides quality products that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are affordable. 

Our small company bypasses traditional business models that unnecessarily increase markups, giving you the opportunity to enjoy affordable products with local business quality service. 

Architects & Developers

  • Value Engineering: We are known for helping Architects & Developers manage overflowing budgets through our products that perfectly pair affordability and aesthetics.

  • Budget Management: We respect your need to keep your numbers in check & project management streamlined, our team has strict workflows that help us stay focused on your goal of a profitable outcome.

  • Fixture Upgrade: A unique offering for Architect & Development Industries, LPS provides individualized upgrade packages to for renovations.


Project Managers, Designers & Contractors

  • For Project Managers to Contractors, our Value Engineering is not only seen through our products but through our installations. Our goal is to always create a cohesive lighting plan that increases the efficiency of product installs, supports project timelines, and ultimately provide the most competitive budgets.

  • We are leaders in Budget Management because we place respect for your numbers first, always working on ways to streamline project management through strict workflows that help us stay focused on your goal of a profitable outcome.


Churches, Commercial Buildings,
Business Owners & Building Maintenance Engineers

Like we do for every one of our clients, we always lean on our strengths to provide Value Engineering & Budget Management. For those looking to create unique or dramatic experiences, we partner with our producers for customizable product design & offer creative solutions that solve lighting concerns for owners to managers.


LPS Green Technologies - DFW Lighting Re


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