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Light Helps Space Take Shape

LPS Green Technologies brings light to the parts of our lives that are always on, pairing environmentally-driven products with our clients' needs to light up companies, churches & cities, to the coziest room in your house.

A leader of LED lighting design for over a decade, LPS places value & efficiency at the forefront of every decision & solution. Our dedication to our client is clear through the quality of our products & efficient installations that offer affordable solutions, without negating aesthetics. Specializing in sticking to our strengths & constantly cultivating out expertise, we bring Value Management to every client -- always making our products & problem-solving service a leading success for every project.

Our Team



Focused on providing long-lasting lights & affordable design, Lynn works with company owners to city leaders to bring light to communities across Texas.


Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 4.48.41 PM.png

Creative Director & Manager of Marketing, Chelsea always has a cup of coffee in hand to help her ignite conversations about our company's change-making ways.

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